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Each year we create a print edition that is handed out at various trade shows throughout the year. Here is an archive of our past years print editions in PDF format.

2017 My Office Today

In this edition: Celebrating 10 Years of My Office Today, Is Perfect Workflow Possible?, Remaining Relevant, The Road to Becoming the Second Fastest Growing Firm in America, Five Ways to Manage Firm Risks through IT Leadership, Ten Things to Consider When Switching Your Phone System to the Cloud, How to Field A Document Management Winner. Authors include Chris Frederiksen, Angie Grissom, Greg Pope, Jim Boomer, CPA, Niki Marriott-Lee, Christopher Stark, Kacee Johnson and Scott Pickens.

2016 My Office Today

In this edition: What Accountants Can Learn from Artisans, Understanding Your Value to Clients, Tips to Building Team Culture, Dealing with an IRS Proposal to Assess the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, Six Secrets to Practice Management Success, The Power of a Technology Focused Peer Network, Strategic Planning to Grow Your Firm, Why You Need Automated Marketing, and Turning Clients into Your Best Sales Tool. Authors include Jim Boomer, CPA, David Wyle, Rob Nixon,  John Higgins, CPA.CITP., and Chris Frederiksen.

2015 My Office Today

In this edition: Newest key trends and best practices within the accounting sector. Learn from industry leaders that are paving the way for forward-thinking firms to accelerate their business. Explore topics such as: The Advent of Marketing Campaigns, Bridging The Technology Gap, and Fast Pace Changes For Forward Thinking Firms, from such authors as Edi Osborne, Damien Greathead, Doug Sleeter, and Chris Frederiksen.

2014 My Office Today

In this edition: Mobility, Defining Your Firm’s Needs,  Hello Free, Farewell to Fees, The New Paradigm for Small Business, Mobility Eliminates the 26-hour Work Day, Strategies for Quickbooks Consulting, Take your Clients’ Accounting to the Cloud,  Leveraging The Latest Technology For Your Practice, Communicating with your Clients, Solving The People Problem, How To Build A Loyalty Program. Authors Include Joe Woodard, Kacee Johnson, Steve Dusablon, Chris Brogan, Donny Shimamoto, Dave Anderson, Chris Frederiksen and Lawrence Lawler.

2013 My Office Today

In this edition: Can We Work Together? by Michael Giardina. The Hourly Rate Myth by Dominique Molina. Create Your Dream Practice by Chris Frederiksen. QuickBooks and the Mid-Market. Tax Problem Resolution: A War Story. Is Your Business Using the Right Tools? The Changing Face of Education. The Secret to a Thriving Firm. Build Your Practice in the Off-Season. What Your Technology Investment Reveals About Your Firms’ Lifecycle. Solving the Cloud Integration Puzzle. Managing Growth with the Cloud. 8 Successful Migration Guidelines. Top 15 Marketing Tools for Accountants. Make Your Online Reputation Benefit You. Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well.

2012 My Office Today

In this edition: Mergers and Acquisitions by Chris Frederiksen. Open Up To A Whole New World by Michael Giardina. SEO Explained by Justin Rasmussen. Ultrabook Buyers Guide. Are We Free-Falling? Turn IRS Problems Into Opportunity. Is Your Firm Thriving. CPE Credits For The Fast Paced World. Tech Buying Guide. Can Firms Run Effectively Without Digital Workflow. Building A Cloud. Benefits of Online Client Accounting. Choosing a Web Design Company. Google+. Digital Marketing Tools for Accountants. Get Serious About Marketing. What’s In A Brand?