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Mike Giardina is the Designer and Architect of the WorkSpace™ and WorkSpace™ Online software. Michael has owned a tax practice, worked for multiple firms and provided consulting to over 500 firms. Michael routinely speaks at Accounting & Tax Conferences and webinars on the benefits of technology and effective firm management. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado.

Is Perfect Workflow Possible?

As a self-acknowledged perfectionist, I’ll admit that “better” for me is never quite good enough. But how does a firm achieve perfect workflow? Is such a thing even possible? Before you can answer those questions, the first step is to define what perfect workflow means to you.

What Accountants Can Learn from Artisans

We need to remember why we got in to the business in the first place. We also need to rekindle in our company culture what it means to serve...

Working as One: Overcome the 7 Biggest Challenges CPA Firms Face

From prospecting to collections, the business of running an accounting firm seemingly never ends. But most of us didn’t pursue a career in public accounting so we could end up pulling our hair out trying to manage our own business...

The Practice Management LifeCycle™

While most of us understand the value of improved firm processes, many of us don’t review processes or employ new practices often enough.

Automating Tax Office Management

Today, more than ever, many firms are trying to find a differentiator, an edge, a unique brand that elevates them over their competition. A new set of automated processes can be just the thing to set a firm apart, since simply offering tax return processing doesn’t present firms as being unique.

Mobility: Defining your Firm’s Needs

Mobility is used in different ways that truly reflect the differences in the type of services we provide, the way we manage our firms, and how we interpret the security of data.

Can We Work Together?

It’s time for the accounting industry to adopt what firms demand when it comes to open data and open-source architecture.

Beyond Blogging: Real Marketing for Accountants

We blog to improve our standing and ranking in search engines but is this type of marketing for accountants the best option?

Can firms run effectively without digital workflow?

What’s a realistic cost for technology? How much should we spend on software and hardware, on developing workflow processes and training staff? The answer might surprise you.

Why Is A Client Portal Important?

When our clients can engage us, when they decide, and as frequently as they need, we provide value. New technologies are being introduced almost faster than we can digest. As these days pass, we need to embrace things that can make a difference just to remain competitive. The one technology ready to take front stage are client portals and we better not ignore them.