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Doug Sleeter (@DougSleeter) is a passionate leader of innovation and change in the small business accounting technology world. As a CPA firm veteran and former Apple Computer Evangelist, Doug has melded his two great passions (accounting and technology) to guide developers in the innovation of new products and to educate and lead accounting professionals who serve small businesses.

Evaluating Business Solutions: It’s Deeper Than You Think

With all the energy focused on cloud solutions these days, you might assume that a pundit like me would say that everything should be a cloud solution. But I’m not there yet...

The New Paradigm 
for Small Business

As I look at new innovations, new venture capital investments and new successes in the market, I’m becoming more convinced that over the next few years there will be a paradigm shift for SMBs and the accountants that serve them.

Clean up Your QuickBooks Customer Lists Using Excel

Lists are one of the most important building blocks of QuickBooks. Lists store information which is used again and again to fill out forms. For example, when you set up a customer in the customer list, the customer’s name, address, tax code, tax item, price level, etc., are used to automatically fill out an invoice, sales receipt, or customer letter.