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Chris Frederiksen, CPA, PFS

Chris Frederiksen is one of the best-known and most highly-related seminar leaders in the world as well as a consultant to accountancy firms where specialty is M&A. He is also a practicing accountant near San Francisco, California. His experience includes partnership positions with two international CPA firms and building several independent practices in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a consultant for the past twenty years, he has been helping small and medium sized accountancy firms achieve their goals of greater profitability and greater personal satisfaction for the owners. Chris was inducted into the CPA Practice Advisor Hall of Fame and is recognized as a Top 25 Thought Leader. He was also recently awarded an honorary PhD by his alma mater, Golden Gate University.

This is Yours! Time to Take It Back

Doing accounting is yours! It’s time to take it back! It’s time to reclaim your ancient role of “keeping the books” and interpreting the results. Why?...

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Communicating with your Clients

The fact that we are seeing our clients less often because technology allows most of the communication to happen without face-to-face meetings is an interesting dilemma. So, how do we maintain effective communications with our clients? How do we make sure our clients know we’re thinking about them? How do we let them know we More Info »

Create Your Dream Practice

What a great time to be starting your own practice! The economy is picking up, clients are looking for new and expanded services, and you are not burdened by the legacy systems that plague the majority of existing firms.

15 Merger & Acquisition Guidelines

Getting the most for our practices before we retire and leave the business for someone else.