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Mobility: Defining your Firm’s Needs

Mobility is used in different ways that truly reflect the differences in the type of services we provide, the way we manage our firms, and how we interpret the security of data.

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How to Build a Loyalty Program

They say airlines are just loyalty programs with a flying problem, and that if investors were to buy an airplane, they’d throw out all that stuff and just keep the juicy loyalty rewards program information. To me, it feels like a lot of times, if you sign up for some program, it just means you’ll be emailed with “offers” more often. Nice if you want the offers, but couldn’t there be more?

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What Ferrari Could Teach You About Client Services

Many might think there’s not much an exotic car company can teach accounting professionals about client services — that’s where you’d be wrong. For those who are not well acquainted with the Ferrari brand, allow me to give you…

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Increase Firm Value with Advisory Services

Webster defines “Pro” (Professional) as “relating to a job that requires special education, training or skill.” Developing your practice as a ProAdvisor means always putting the “Pro” ahead of the “Advisor” on behalf of your clients.

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Business Intelligence for Client & Firm Growth

Did you know that accountants are in a prime position to provide “business intelligence” to their clients? Your gut reaction may be: “Isn’t that an IT thing?” Ten years ago, the answer may be have been, yes. Today, however…



Throwing Off Constraints

Posted  January 9, 2017  by  Matt Holdsworth

The most important limiting factor in a successful accounting firm is acquiring clients. The second limiting factor is acquiring the right clients to fit your firm’s model.

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9 To Do’s for the Thriving Firm

Posted  January 4, 2017  by  Kacee Johnson

Every firm should follow these nine checklist items to ensure successful growth:

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Industry Interview: David Wyle

Posted  December 22, 2016  by  David Wyle

Michael Giardina, CEO of OfficeTools, discusses outsourcing and digital workflow with David Wyle, CPA, President & CEO, SurePrep.

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Modern Firm WorkFlow – Railroad or River?

Posted  December 15, 2016  by  Tim Parker

Technology has made a huge impact on the way work gets done in the modern firm, but in many cases our workflow methodology hasn’t kept pace.

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Industry Interview: John Higgins

Posted  November 14, 2016  by  John Higgins

Michael Giardina, CEO of OfficeTools, discusses the importance of education and leveraging technology with John Higgins, CPA, CITP, CPA Crossings.

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Take Control of Your Clients’ Accounting

Posted  April 22, 2015  by  Damien Greathead

Electronic submission methods and fetch technology make waiting for your clients’ shoeboxes of source documents a thing of the past.

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The Advent of Your Marketing Campaign

Posted  April 1, 2015  by  Justin Rasmussen

When you think of the definition of a marketing campaign, your brain may experience a flash flood of images of Super Bowl commercials, big brands with A-list stars, Mad Men, multi-media blitzes, and big, big budgets. And you’re not wrong. A marketing campaign can be all those things, but, quite simply, at the very heart of it all, a marketing campaign begins with an idea.

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Transform Your Tax Firm With Technology

Posted  March 26, 2015  by  Chris Davis

I met David a few years ago at a tax conference. David had recently purchased a modest firm with roughly 350 tax and payroll clients from his part-time employer, who was retiring.

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Scrape to Accelerate

Posted  March 25, 2015  by  Joe Woodard

Whether it’s on-line accounting or simply implementing newer firm applications, getting better software and remaining relevant is paramount for forward thinking firms.

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Automating Tax Office Management

Posted  March 25, 2015  by  Mike Giardina

Today, more than ever, many firms are trying to find a differentiator, an edge, a unique brand that elevates them over their competition. A new set of automated processes can be just the thing to set a firm apart, since simply offering tax return processing doesn’t present firms as being unique.

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